May 28th, 2019 by Aqua Nor

Student Day: The meeting place for students and industry 

The aquaculture industry wants to attract the best young talents. In order for the industry to get a refill of young expertise and develop further, the Student Day is arranged again this year as part of Aqua Nor. 

Bridgehead Aquaculture 2050, NTNU Oceans, Nor-Fishing Foundation and partners invite exhibitors and students to an exciting programme on the last day of the exhibition, Friday 23 August.

An ocean of opportunity
Your company is invited to participate actively in this year’s Student Day to become better acquainted with curious students.

– The challenges of the future require new perspectives and technology expertise. That’s why we organize this meeting place to show tomorrow’s employees the opportunities that exist in the industry, says project manager for Bridgehead Aquaculture 2050 at NTNU Oceans, Alexandra Neyts.

The Student Day starts in the conference tent, where the students gather for a seminar about the industry. Here, those who have completed student assignments in collaboration with a company, or who already have a job in the industry, will share their experiences from an ever-growing and more professionalized industry.

– It provides both inspiration and overview of what the industry can offer and the knowledge it needs now and in the future. The seminar lasts for one hour and afterwards it will be possible to visit stands, explains the project manager.

Follow the event’s Facebook page to see the programme and receive important information.

Students who wish to participate can register here.

Student projects and presentations
At this year’s Student Day, a thesis seminar is also planned. Here, exhibitors meet specialist teachers and student counsellors to discuss possible collaboration on student assignments and internships.

– During the thesis seminar, companies that are interested will able to hear about new student assignments and join as a mentor or as a partner, says Neyts.

Information and a link to company registration to be found at the program page.

Stands, Research Plaza and «happy hour»
All exhibitors are encouraged to accept students at their stand during Student Day to provide them with information on the opportunities of their business, whether through assignment, internship, work or other forms of collaboration.

– The day before, that is Thursday 22 August, we will distribute stickers to the exhibitors who want to meet the students. The stickers give students a lower threshold for talking with the exhibitors, says Neyts.

She emphasizes that the Research Plaza – which brings together all universities and research institutions in Norway, is present at this year’s Aqua Nor. In the Plaza, there will also be a mini-seminar aimed at students as part of the programme.

After visiting the stands, the students who have attended throughout the day, and representatives from the industry, gather for “happy hour” and mingling. Here, among other things, the premiums will be drawn among the most eager students.

Future technology
Neyts emphasizes that the Student Day is open to everyone regardless of the field of study, and that a collaboration between theoretical and real-time expertise is needed to meet future challenges.

– This is one of the largest aquaculture exhibitions in the world, with a particular focus on technology suppliers – a unique opportunity for the students to get to know the sector. Aqua Nor brings together expertise and technological opportunities that will help to further develop an industry in strong growth.

Some of the most relevant issues in the industry are currently related to digitalization, automation and new requirements for sustainable development.

– The challenges of the industry can be approached by students from different fields of study. We already see this in development licenses, where solutions and approaches attract disciplines that may not have been so strongly represented before. For us, it is important to showcase the breadth of both the student mass and the industry technology, she concludes.

Programme for student day – Friday 23. August

Student registration will be at the main entrance. Thesis seminars and lectures are held in the conference tent right outside the main entrance.

Exhibitors and companies that have questions about the Student Day can contact project manager Alexandra Neyts.

The Nor-Fishing foundation

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