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Serving seaweed dishes at Vestlandsstanden (D-333)

If you would like to taste some exciting dishes based on seaweed during Aqua Nor, then you should make your way to Vestlandsstanden (The West Coast Stand, no. D-333).

Several new dishes from the producer Seaweed AS will be served. The dishes have been developed theroug a cooperation between Seaweed AS and the seafood chefs Einar Hallstensen and Carl Borchgrevink, who also present many exciting  disheds on the web site

Seaweed AS is located at Værlandet and Bulandet at the mouth of the Sognefjord, and is a relatively newly established producer of seaweed for human consumption. Even so, they are already a leading company in their field in Norway. «Seaweed AS is a fully integrated seaweed producer, which means that we have our own hatchery, we have our own growing facilities, harvesting vessels and a production facility,» says Audun Oddekalv of Seaweed AS.

The West Coast counties started their cooperation in the aquaculture sector already in 2007, through the «West Coast Programme for new aquaculture species». The idea was to develop production of new species. «In our view, it is very important that we utilize the marine resources that we have. In this perspective, growing seaweed is also very interesting and something that we are very concerned about,» says Lena Søderholm of the Sogn & Fjordane county. «The fact that we now have our first new company which can supply their own seaweed products is incredibly great.»

On the West Coast there is also production of algeae for other uses than as human food. So far, NOK 18 million have been invested in a pilot project for growing micro algeae at Mongstad in Hordaland county, where one will use CO2 from TCM Mongstad in the production of future fish feed.

On Aqua Nor’s opening day, Marit Gjerstad of Norges Vel will make a presentation during the main Aqua Nor seminar. «This is an industry in its infancy, but it has a great potential both in the consumer sector and in other sectors.» Norges Vel is running a network of seaweed producers along the Norwegian coast and is working on solving the challenges involved in production of seaweed in the sea. «The domestic market is important and that is why seaweed products will be served at Aqua Nor so that visitors can test it and acquire a taste for these products.  – Drop by Vestlandsstanden and see for yourself,» encourages Marit Gjerstad.

The joint stand for the four West Coast counties will in 2017 present a new look – both visually and structurally. «We would like to continue the tradition of having an open seafood bar on the stand,» says Project Manager Benedikte Farstad Nashoug of the marine knowledge company SALT. «In addition, we wish to offer a good area for mingling and networking where visitors can meet companies from the West Coast and establish new contacts.»

Vestlandsstanden is located at stand D-333

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