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Scotland unites at Aqua Nor

Ten Scottish companies are now preparing for their participation at the first Scottish pavilion at Aqua Nor – and they are excited to showcase both the strength and ambition of the Scottish aquaculture supply chain, as well as the academic expertise in aquaculture. (All images provided by HIE / copyright HIE.)

The Scottish pavilion is jointly hosted by Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) and Scottish Development International (SDI) , placed in hall A-006.  The ten Scottish companies that will be joining them on the pavilion are:

  • Gael Force Marine Equipment Ltd – marine equipment supplier
  • AquaMoor Ltd – mooring technology
  • Aqualife – fish vaccine delivery
  • Fusion Marine Ltd – fish cages
  • Tritech International Ltd – underwater imaging equipment
  • Trimara Services – net cleaning equipment and service
  • Institute of Aquaculture – research and consultancy
  • Thistle Marine (Peterhead) Ltd – crane supply, load testing and repair
  • OTAQ – acoustic seal deterrent
  • Bioemitters – biodynamic parasite control equipment

Currently two companies, Gael Force and Aqua Moor, are planning new product launches during Aqua Nor.

Artist impression of the Scottish pavilion.

Knowledge based industry
The chance to meet a global audience has been a key factor when the group decided to participate at Aqua Nor 2017.  Scotland’s expertise in aquaculture stems from their science- and facts-based approach to fish health and production. No other country worldwide can boast a higher number of world-class universities per head of population – and the graduates and science departments of the universities have been a key resource for Scottish companies.

Scottish innovation
Strong networks of industry and academic expertise create a collaborative environment that produces  results. Joint projects include a trial to test the commercial viability of a mussel hatchery in Scotland and a project to increase the sustainable supply of cleaner-fish for use in sea lice control. “There is an innovative nature to the aquaculture industry. And the companies that are coming to Aqua Nor thrive in this environment – taking advantage of all our expertise in life sciences, fish health, biosciences – and of course technology and engineering. The Scottish aquaculture industry is well regulated and renowned for its high standards”, says Dr. Andrea McColl, Senior Development Manager Life Sciences at HIE.

Aquaculture important for employment
The aquaculture industry is important for Scotland, in particular for the Highlands and Islands, providing valuable employment in the coastal areas. The Scottish aquaculture industry and the Scottish Government  share the ambition to see it double by 2030.

Positioned for growth
The companies attending Aqua Nor are all looking for international growth. “The technology, knowledge, products and services we bring with us have been used successfully along the Scottish coast line – and we believe our expertise and experience is a valuable addition to the global industry”, says Dr. McColl.

High expectations
This is the first time attending Aqua Nor for McColl and several of her travel companions. “We expect a high number of visitors at our stand and look forward to showing them what we have to offer. We regard Aqua Nor as the most important aquaculture exhibition, so our expectations are high”, Dr. McColl adds.

The Scottish Pavilion will host a networking reception, making it easy to connect with the Scottish industry representatives and learn more about their products and services.

If you’d like to set up a meeting or are interested in information about any of the exhibitors please contact:

Dr. Andrea McColl
Senior Development Manager, Life Sciences
Highlands and Islands Enterprise
+44 (0) 300 013 4725

The Nor-Fishing foundation

Klostergata 90 7030 Trondheim, Norway
+ 47 73 56 86 40

Here you can see the website for Nor-Fishing


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