June 26th, 2017 by Aqua Nor

Royal honour for aquaculture innovation

Karsten Glomset is well-known to all who have worked with oxygenation in aquaculture. Recently, he received the King’s Medal of Merit for his pioneering work.

His employer through many years, AGA AS, is participating in the Aqua Nor seminar «Modern aquaculture – more than salmon», and their presentation is built on Mr. Glomset’s pioneering work through 30 years.

A humble recipient of honour
AGA is a well-known and large gas company and among the market leaders in oxygenation in Norway and Northern Europe. The group is very pleased with Mr. Glomset’s role in positioning the company in the aquaculture industry – but Mr. Glomset returns the compliment: “I have no idea why just I am honoured with this medal. What we have done here is a team effort and an excellent example of cooperation across various divisions in the company,” he said in a recent interview.

The past is important to the future
Although both AGA and the rest of the industry has developed new technology continuously through the years, Glomset’s contributions have been indispensable to all who have continued his work.

He has patented several solutions, which have led to a situation where we can now raise robust salmon in healthy environments of growth. Already in the 1980s Glomset laid the foundation for oxygenation which made it possible to improve production of smolt in close tanks on land and maintain an oxygen-rich environment during operations that may be stressful to the fish.

In a ceremony at AGA’s plant in Ålesund, Glomset was honoured for his work with one of Norway’s highest honours, the King’s Medal of Merit.

AGA participates in a seminar at Aqua Nor
In the seminar «Modern aquaculture – more than salmon», which is organized by the Nor-Fishing Foundation and Innovation Norway, AGA will bring over 30 years of experience with oxygenation to the audience as a backdrop for modern innovation and the latest expertise. AGA’s presentation will focus on future sustainable oxygenation for the aquaculture industry.

Show up in Hall A4 at 14:00 hrs on Tuesday 15th of August 2017 and be part of this exciting seminar. A detailed programme will be announced soon.

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