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Aqua Nor 15. – 18. August 2017

For the seafood industry internationally and in Norway, innovation and R&D in the fields of environment, technology, biology and resource management is of the greatest importance. This is perhaps specially true for the aquaculture industry, which in many ways is still in its infancy. Although there have been an impressive development in this industry, there are still numerous challenges facing the industry. The fight against salmon lice will have a great impact on the future growth of the industry. The development and trials with the use of large cages in open ocean space may be important in the fight against the lice.

The Board of the Nor-Fishing Foundation recently decided to give the Innovation Award 2017 to a Norwegian or foreign company or individual for the best project in the aquaculture industry. This is because commercial companies and individuals have less access to financial support than do the large research institutions. The Board hopes that this will stimulate more innovation in the commercial sector.

The Nor-Fishing Foundation has seen over the years that the Innovation Award has stimulated the winners to redouble their innovation efforts in the commercial companies and motivated employees and created increased market focus within the seafood industry.

We have already registered a greater interest than ever from all categories of exhibitors and visitors to participate in Aqua Nor 2017. The Chairman of the Board of the Nor-Fishing Foundation, Mrs. Liv Holmefjord, hopes that this great interest will also produce a record number of applicants for the Innovation Award in 2017. She wishes all applicants great success and encourages all who may have projects in the aquaculture industry to submit their application. The application deadline is 1 May 2017.

Criteria for the application

For more information, please contact:
Odd Berg, Secretary to the Jury • Mail: • Phone: +47 901 19 942

Applications shall be submitted to , marked Innovation award 2017


If you have plans to apply for a patent, the patent application must be submitted before the technology is published at any exhibition, conference, magazine article or similar. Read more about this on the web page of the Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

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