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From Thailand to Trondheim – An interview with the winner of the Travel Award 2015

In 2014 the Nor-Fishing Foundation established the Nor-Fishing Foundation Travel Award in order to increase our exposure in developing countries, primarily in Africa and Asia. The Travel Award enables one person from the developing world to visit Aqua Nor or Nor-Fishing and be exposed to modern aquaculture and fisheries technology, and to make contact with a wide network of experts.

See Dr. Prakan’s own photos below:

About the award
The Travel Award covers the cost of air travel from the winner’s home to Trondheim, where she or he will spend a week as a guest of the Nor-Fishing Foundation, including hotel accommodation and some spending money. The Winner will also be invited to the main events during the exhibition.

The winner is…
In 2015, there were a great many applicants for this award from about 35 countries, and the winner was Dr. Prakan Chiarahkhongman of Thailand. “It was a great honor and pleasure for me to have an opportunity to participate in Aqua Nor 2015 in the beautiful city of Trondheim as a winner of “Travel Stipend 2015”, says the worthy award winner.

Multiple species in multiple countries
Dr. Prakan works for Charoen Pokphand Food, which is part of the CP group. CP is one of the largest suppliers of shrimp feed in the world, but they have so far not done much in the field of finfish farming. “My job responsibilities are concentrated on only shrimp culture, mainly in ponds and closed systems” says Dr. Prakan. “But we have started looking at finfish culture also. Lately I have been working with such species as tilapia and catfish in Thailand, Indian carp in India, pangasius in Vietnam and even milkfish in the Philippines. But I have to admit that the technology I have seen at Aqua Nor was quite new to me, especially the cage culture technology, and I was very impressed with some of the off-shore salmon aquaculture.”

Bringing the technology eastward
“This visit has opened my mind to many new things, especially the new advances in aquaculture innovation, modern technology and the excellent equipment and high quality fish health management methodology of cage culture systems in the sea. There were several hundreds of interesting modern stands of many aquaculture concerned companies at the exhibition halls showing the improvement of European aquaculture innovation and technology, and I think it would be great if this could be adapted and transferred to use in fish culture in South East Asian countries.”

Inspiring seminars
Dr. Prakan also comments on the many seminars, mini-conferences and presentations that took place during the Aqua Nor exhibition. “Out of those fantastic symposiums held at various places in the exhibition halls, I must mention one about sustainability in cage culture aquaculture, including poly-culture of salmon and phototrophic seaweed together with kelp in a rough off-shore environment. I also attended a seminar on “Is Norwegian aquaculture relevant to other countries and species other than salmon?”, which was very interesting and showed the many aspects of modern Norwegian aquaculture. The environmental friendly concept and social responsibility, as well as the need for rules and regulations for aquaculture operations was pointed out throughout the seminar.”

Sharing experiences
“Guest speakers and senior officials from many countries around the world had been invited to attend the seminar to give presentations and share their opinion on how to improve the sustainability of aquaculture in their own point of views. Those meetings were perfect for us to share and exchange ideas and have discussions

Coming away with new knowledge
“I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the Nor-Fishing Foundation and the Aqua Nor team in Norway for awarding me this “Travel Stipend 2015”. I have to say that I have learned many things and my mind has been fully opened up to new ideas of fish cage culture after I attended Aqua Nor 2015.”

Sustainability – from dream to reality
“I will now try my best to share the wonderful experiences I have gained during Aqua Nor 2015 in Trondheim with my daily work colleagues and my business partners, including all of my valued customers, my training students in Thailand and other countries and of course to the aquaculture community in South East Asian countries. I hope that the knowledge and innovation technology will be useful and beneficial to all aquaculture sectors, and that “sustainability” will be not only be a dream but a reality for all of us very soon,” concludes Dr. Prakan.

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