Exhibitor at Aqua Nor 2019

Inform customers and partners about your Aqua Nor 2019 participation. You can download and use  the material for promotion on this page.

Here are some suggestions on where you can grow awareness and interest:

  • Website
    – Front page
    – News article
  • Social Media
  • E-mail signature
  • Newsletter

E-mail signature

Include this label in your email signature to let your contacts know they can meet you at Aqua Nor 2019.

Social media

Publish a post in your social media channels. Download text and images here.

Aqua Nor - Facebook banner

Exhibitor mark

This exhibitor mark can be used in any channel.


Publish a news article on your website. Press the button or photo to download text and images.
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Press the button or photo to download text and images you can use to create a newsletter.
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