Professional highlights

During Aqua Nor a number of seminars, mini-conferences, presentations, lectures and debates are organized to contribute to give visitors an up-date on professional information. Some of these events are organized by the Nor-Fishing Foundation, and others by various institutions, exhibitors and companies.

At Aqua Nor 2017 about 80 seminars and mini-conferences plus dozens of presentations and lectures were held on a variety of subjects. Two of the seminars were targeting foreign visitors specifically. One was on the subject of whether Norwegian aquaculture is relevant to other countries and species other than salmon, while the other focused on financing and insurance for the aquaculture industry.

In 2019 we are planning a new series of seminars following up on the topics covered ion 2015 and 2017. WE envisage a varied and exciting program that should interest both Norwegians and international visitors.

The Innovation Award, the Environment Award, and other awards

Every year various awards are presented to representatives of the industry. The Nor-Fishing Foundation Innovation Award was established in 2003 in order to stimulate innovation among the exhibitors and suppliers in the industry. Over the years, the Innovation Awards has helped bring new ideas to market.

The Directorate of Fisheries’ Environment Award is presented to a producer or supplier who has come up with a solution that helps improve or safeguard the environment. The Award has been presented for many years and is highly regarded by the industry.

Since 2013, the Nor-Fishing Foundation has given the Best Stand Award to the most attractive and efficient stand at the show.

The latest aquaculture technology

Modern aquaculture has become more and more complex and scientific. Norwegian aquaculture is characterized by a systematic application of scientific knowledge. That is why modern aquaculture is often referred to as a knowledge industry based on advanced technology. This relates to all fields: breeding, feed and feeding regimes, biomass measurement, construction and operation of floating cages, nets, safety equipment, well boats, handling of fish, veterinary medicine, vaccines, etc. The very latest of such technology is presented at Aqua Nor.

Student Day

The aquaculture industry needs to attract the best brains in order to develop further. That is why the Nor-Fishing Foundation has established a special Student Day, with good help from The Norwegian Seafood Federation, Youngfish and Norway’s Technical and Natural Science University (NTNU) in Trondheim.

Student Day is held on the last day of Aqua Nor, Friday, and all students have free admittance to the exhibition. A special conference is organized for the students, and at the end of the day there is “speed dating” where the students can meet companies and organizations looking for new talent. In 2017, more than 200 students participated in this event.

The Nor-Fishing foundation

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