August 8th, 2017 by paul-aquanor

Book launch: Fish, Coast and Communities – A History of Norway

The authors hereby invite members of the media and other interested parties to participate in the launch of the new book Fish, Coast and Communities – A History of Norway.

Time: 12:00–12:30, Tuesday 15th August
Place: Meeting room M8

Norway is often referred to as a maritime nation, and this is not unexpected given its unique location and long coastline. But what does this mean, beyond these obvious characteristics? Fish, Coast and Communities – A History of Norway offers an in-depth exploration of how the people of Norway have relied on the sea for thousands of years to put food on the table, to build prosperity and to shape their communities.

Norwegians have used the sea in a wide variety of ways over time, depending on factors such as climate, resources, technology, politics and markets. Fish, Coast and Communities examines these developments from the time the first settlers found their livelihood along the Norwegian coast, through over a thousand years of commercial fishery in Norway. The story continues up to the present day, when fisheries and fish farming still ensure that Norway is one of the largest seafood exporters in the world.


Leiv Grønnevet, Project Manager: / +47 901 54 593
Andreas Nybø, Fagbokforlaget Publishers: / +47 975 56 615

The Nor-Fishing foundation

Klostergata 90 7030 Trondheim, Norway
+ 47 73 56 86 40

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