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Aqua Nor Forum: Is Norwegian aquaculture technology relevant to other countries and other species?

Norwegian fish farming has experienced a tremendous success over the past 40 years, and the technology that has made this success possible has been on display at Aqua Nor since 1979. Aqua Nor 2015 presents the very latest in modern aquaculture technology, and aquaculturists and senior officials from all over the world convene in Trondheim to inspect the latest developments.

In order to give foreign visitors a better understanding of modern, Norwegian aquaculture technology and practices, the Nor-Fishing Foundation joins forces with the Marine Research Institute in Bergen, the Directorate of Fisheries and many of the technology providers to organize a mini-seminar on the latest aquaculture technology.

1) The future of aquaculture: challenges and opportunities

2) Practical application of the norwegian model in the case of tilapia

3) Is there a norwegian aquaculture model relevant to their countries and species

4) The value chain in modern aquaculture

5) Land based aquaculture – the status of modern technology

6) Off-shore farming in rough conditions

7) What I learned from international work in aquaculture

8) Feed – an obstacle to growth in marine aquaculture

9) Disease transmission Hydrodynamic models Zoning and risk analysis

10) Tomorrows solutions are in the ocean

11) Connecting global opportunities to norwegien suppliers

12) Summing up

For more information, please contact:

Erik Hempel, Director of Communications, The Nor-Fishing Foundation, Tel: +47 9084 1124; E-mail: erik.hempel@hempelco.com

The Nor-Fishing foundation

Klostergata 90 7030 Trondheim, Norway
+ 47 73 56 86 40

Here you can see the website for Nor-Fishing


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