June 15th, 2017 by paul-aquanor

7 ways to still your hunger at Aqua Nor

The selection of food available at Aqua Nor is varied – here is an overview over food offers on the exhibition grounds.

1. Catering – on your stand and in meeting rooms
Trondheim Catering, which is the appointed caterer for Aqua Nor, can deliver meals to your stand. The catering company expects their capacity to be fully booked by the end of July, so make sure you submit your order early. Contact Palle Jørgensen by e-mail with your order: palle@trondheimcatering.no.

2. Havfruen (The Mermaid) – Outdoor restaurant at the G Hall
The popular seafood restaurant Havfruen (The Mermaid) once again brings along their wok utensils to Aqua Nor. New this year is the introduction of separate counters for hot food and cold food at the outdoor pavilion. The objective is to cut down on the time you spend waiting in line. The hot kitchen offers three different wok dishes plus grilled food and drinks. The cold kitchen serves sushi, salads, wraps and drinks. In addition, the restaurant organizes Havfruens Fishing Festival, and exhibition visitors will then have a chance to win a gift voucher worth NOK 2 500 as they land the great salmon on the river.

3. Exhibitors’ cafeteria – Hall E
The exhibitors’ cafeteria is reserved for exhibitors only – this is where exhibitors can beat the waiting line which at time grows at other eating places. Exhibitors may bring guests for a simple meal, including delicate hot or cold dishes of both meat and fish.

Smia Seafood Restaurant – A food tent at the outdoor exhibition area
Chefs from Kristiansund-based restaurant Smia will be present at Aqua Nor and present re-discovered traditional food. In a separate tent near Hall A2 in the outdoor area, they will serve ”Fishan” (Kristiansund dialect for fish and chips), bacalao and other home-made dishes.

The Cafeteria – Ground floor.
The large cafeteria on the ground floor of Trondheim Spektrum offers a menu of four different hot dishes every day of the exhibition. In addition there are sandwiches and cakes.

Kiosk – Fastfood – In the Main Entrance Hall
In the main Entrance Hall there is a kiosk which sells simple food like hotdogs, toasts, wraps and cheese sandwiches for those who do not have the time to sit down for a meal.

Food carts
Two food carts offering baguettes, wraps, salads, muffins and coffee will be going round the exhibition area to serve those who do not have the time or the inclination to leave their stand.

Trondheim – the restaurant town
In addition to what is available in the exhibition area, Trondheim has a rich variety of catering companies, restaurants, and food service outlets. Trondheim.no has made an overview over the many restaurants in town.

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