Programme Aqua Nor 2017 – regularly updated

08:00 - 18:00The ProgrammeThis programme will be continuously up-dated until the opening of Aqua Nor 2017.
If you have additions or corrections, please contact Erik Hempel
Tel: +47 9084 1124
Location : Pressesenteret/Press centre
09:00 - 17:00Boat trip on the Trondheim FjordBoat trip with visits to different aquaculture companies.
Organized by Innovation Norway.
Contact person: Lieneke Fjørtoft, tel: +47 9136 7427, e-mail:
Location : Departure from Trondheim Pier
12:00 - 16:00Seminar: Between Scylla and Chraybdis - Fish health under pressureOrganized by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, SERNEPECA, Chile and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute.

In all animal productions health is a fundamental prerequisite for success, both in terms of production costs, animal welfare, sustainability and the trust of the consumer.

Today’s production of salmon and seatrout is an industrialized animal production with farms containing millions of individual fishes. The holding of so many individuals in a limited space exceeds any other modern animal production of to day.

To meet the challenges in such an industrial production modern technology is essential. Many problems have been slowed as a result of research and development.
Today the marked for farmed salmon seems to be unlimited. This leads to a push in the development of new technology to increase the production and meet to days challenges, in Norway sea lice, in Chile infection with the bacterium Piscirichettsia salmonis.
In this seminar, we address the question whether we, in our efforts to increase in the production, are focusing on good management and good fish health. If not, the progress can be challenged by new big problems, that might arise.

Contact person: Chief Veterinary Officer Kristina Landsverk,
Location : Nova 8, Prinsen kino, Trondheim
10:00 - 13:00Seminar: Mini-ROVs improving aquaculture operationsOrganized by: Deep Trekker.

Contact persons:
Sam MacDonald, President,
John Wintermeyer, Business development,
Location : Stand E-439
10:00 - 11:00Official Opening of Aqua Nor 2017NB: The audience is asked to take their seats by 09:45 hrs.

Welcome to Aqua Nor 2017, by Liv Holmefjord, Chairman of the Nor-Fishing Foundation
Welcome to Trondheim, by Rita Ottervik, Mayor of Trondheim
Official opening of Aqua Nor 2017, by Minister of Fisheries Mr Per Sandberg
VIP tour of the exhibition.

NB: the Press is asked to use designated photo spots only.
Location : Konferanseteltet på Festplassen/The Conference Tent near the main entrance
13:00 - 14:00Seminar on closed operationsOrganized by Nofima.
Nofima invites the aquaculture industry and all other interested to six short and useful presentations. Meet hand-picked researchers from Nofima or CtrlAQUA SFI who will tell you about what research shows regarding the growth and helth of salmon, as well as challenges, in closed operations.

Free admission. No registration necessary.

Contact person: Reidun Lilleholt Kraugerud, tel.: +47 4819 7382, e-mail:
Location : Konferanseteltet på Festplassen/Conference tent near main entrance
14:00 - 17:00Seminar: Modern aquaculture - more than salmonOrganized by The Nor-Fishing Foundation and Innovation Norway.

Programme: to be announced later

Contact person: Erik Hempel, tel.: +47 9084 1124, e-mail:
Location : Hall A4
19:30 - 23:00A festive evening in TrondheimThe Nor-Fioshing Foundation organizes a festive evening for Norwegian and foreign exhibitors and guests at Scandic Nidelven Hotel. In addition to excellent seafood, there will be entertainment.

Price per person: NOK 1 550.-

Booking: The Aqua Nor Secretariat.
Location : Scandic Nidelven Hotel
08:00 - 10:00Press breakfastOrganized by Norway's Arctic University.
Information and invitations will be sent out to the press.


Further information: Ingvild Sørensen, tel. +47 9005 3902, e-mail:
Location : Hotel Quality Augustin, Kongens gate 26, Trondheim
09:00 - 10:00DemonstrationOrganized by Aqua Knowledge

Programme: to be announced later.
Location :
10:00 - 13:00Seminar: Mini-ROVs improving aquaculture operationsOrganized by Deep Trekker.

Contact persons::
Sam MacDonald, President,
John Wintermeyer, Business development,
Location : Stand E-439
10:00 - 12:00Mini-seminar: Control over water quality in aquacultureGeneral water chemistry and electrochemistry as well as demoinstration of equipment for measuring important water parameters in the environment. Practical demonstration of various solutions.

Organized by VWR International AS.
Further information and registration: Endre Steigum, tel. +47 9609 5202, e-mail:
Location : Meeting room A3/Møterom A3
10:30 - 13:00Seminar: Financing and insurance for the aquaculture industryOrganized by the Nor-Fishing Foundation.

Programme: to be announced later.

Contact person: Erik Hempel, tel. +47 9084 1124, e-mail:
Location : Møterom A4/Meeting room A4
11:30 - 13:30IntraFish Salmon SummitOrganized by IntraFish.

Programme: to be announced later.
Bus departure from Aqua Nor at 11:15 hrs
Contact person: Unn Eilen Vik, tel. 9770 1451, e-mail:
Location : Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel, Trondheim
13:30 - 16:00Miniconference on fish welfareOrganized by the Veterinari Institute of Norway

Focus on Fish Welfare
How is salmon doing in the cages?

The seminar consists of three parts with three short lectures concerning fish welfare, plus a little time for questions.

Part 1: Monitoring of risk handling
Part 2: Great challenges
Part 3: Future solutions

Contact person: Brit Tørud, tel. 9091 6148, e-mail:
Location : Conference tent near main entrance
13:30 - 15:00Seminar: Innovation - crucial to increased competitiveness in the aquaculture industryOrganized by Norwegian Industrial Property Office.

13:30 Welcome, by Hanne Larder, Norwegian Industrial Property Office
13:35 IPR in the ocean space - from lice skirt to fish feed, by Randi Gaarder, Norwegian Industrial Property Office
13:50 SkatteFUNN - and practical use of SkatteFUNN for obtaining patents, by Svein Hallbjørn Steien, Norwegian Research Council
14:05 Design strengthens the aquaculture project - DOGAæs councelling and Design-driven Innovation Programme (DIP), by Knut Bang, DOGA (Norwegian Design and Architechture Centre)
14.20 Innovation projects in the aquaculture cluster, by Tor Anders Elvegård, NCE Aquaculture/Nordlaks
14.35 The Nor-Fishing Foundation Innovation Award - picking the winner, by Kjell Maroni, The Norwegian seafood Research Fund and Chairman of the Nor-Fishing Innovation Award Jury
14:40 Summing up, by Hanne Larder
14:45 Mingling and individual discussions with the speakers
Location : Møterom M8/Meeting room M8
14:00 - 16:30Market seminar: The salmon marketOrganized by Nordea and The Norwegian Seafood Council.

Programme: to be announced later.

Contact person: Morten Lindrupsen, tel. +47 9960 8359, e-mail:

No pre-registration necessary
Location : Scandic Nidelven Hotel
15:30 - 17:00Seminar: Norway's Arctic University's work in aquaculture researchOrganized by Norway's Arctic University.

Through this seminar, Norway's Arctic University wishes to show the scope of relevant research and the research programmes that exist in the various scientific environments. Detailed programme to be announced later.

NB: limited participation (max 50 persons)
Registration: Ingrid Hovda Lien, e-mail
Further information: Ingvild Sørensen, tel. +47 9005 3902, e-mail:
Location : Hotel Quality Augustin, Kongens gate 26, Trondheim
15:30 - 17:00Seminar: Investment opportunities in fisheries and aquaculture in Sri LankaOrganized by he National Aquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (Norway).Location : Møterom M8/Meeting room M8
16:00 - 18:00Benchmark Holdings seminarOrganized by Benchmark Holdings.

The seminar is open for all.

More information will follow.

Bus departure from Aqua Nor at 15:30 hrs.
Contact person: Hege S. Hovland, Benchmark Breeding and Genetics, tel.: +47 9950 0330, e-mail:
Location : Quality Hotel Piren, Trondheim
17:00 - 18:30Internationalization event: The international market for aquaculture technologyInnovation Norway invites exhibitors to meet Innovation Norway's international staff from a number of countries.

17:00 Welcome. Serving of finger food and drinks
17:15 Norway's new export industry - aquaculture technology
17:30 Presentation of some of Innovation Norway's overseas offices
18:00 B2B Q&A

Contact person: Lieneke Fjørtoft, tel. +47 9139 7427, e-mail:
Location : Konferanseteltet på Festplassen/The conference tent near the main entrance
17:30 - 19:00Reception after the seminarOrganized by Norway's Arctic University.

We invite all who attend the seminar as well as our cooperating partners and good kolleagues, to a reception after the seminar.

NB: limited space (max 50 persons).
Registration: Ingrid Hovda Lien, e-mail:
Further information: Ingvild Sørensen, tel. +47 9005 3902, e-mail:
Location : Hotel Quality Augustin, Kongens gate 26, Trondheim
19:00 - 22:00Press dinnerThe Directorate of Fisheries and the Nor-Fishing Foundation invites representatives of the press to dinner. Invited press accredited members are requested to sign up for the dinner at the Press Center by Wednesday afternoon at 16:00 hrs.Location : Klubselskapet Harmonien, Sverres gate 4, Trondheim
10:00 - 13:00Seminar: Mini-ROVs improving aquaculture operationsOrganized by Deep Trekker.

Contact persons:
Sam MacDonald, President,
John Wintermeyer, Business development,
Location : Stand E-439
15:30 - 17:00Seminar: Legal instruments for sustainable aquacultureOrganized by Norway's Arctic University, KG Jebsen senter for havrett, Det juridiske fakultet.

Programme: to be announced later.

NB: Limited space (max 50 persons)

Contact person: Irene Vanja Dahl, tel. +47 7764 5932, e-mail:
Location : Møterom A3 (Aqua Nor) / Meeting room A3 (Aqua Nor)
10:00 - 15:00Student DayFriday is allocated to students at Aqua Nor. All student have free admission to the exhibition (show your student ID).

The Blue Student Revolution
Is it possible to get engineers, economists, or technicians to think blue? How do we encourage the enthusiasm to work with the ocean as our source of food?
Aqua Nor's Student Day is for those who study seafood, fisheries, or aquaculture or just have an interest in the industry. There's an ocean of opportunities facing you!

Programme: will be announced later
Location : Konferanseteltet på Festplassen/Conference tent near the main entrance

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